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Smart Line Tube Luminometer
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Smart Line LB 9513

Tube Luminometer

The Smart Line is a tube luminometer ideally suited for your diagnostics luminescence assays. The instrument is equipped with an integrated printer and can be upgraded with up to two injectors.

The Smart Line uses an smart assay card to store the complete protocol and analysis. The assay card is programmed using the Master System by lab supervisors or assay manufacturers. Guided user dialogues on the card make daily routine easy.

The Smart Line has been designed with diagnostic luminescent applications in mind:



  • Immuno-Luminometric Assays (ILMA) 
  • DNA/RNA Probe Assays 

A full-featured tube luminometer

  • Stand-alone with key-pad operation 
  • Integrated printer 
  • Up to two injectors 
  • Integrated software 

A complete solution for diagnostic applications

  • Qualitative data analysis (cut-off) 
  • Quantitative (standard curve with regression, cubic spline, 4PL) 
  • Assay card stores protocol & analysis 
  • Protection from unauthorized manipulation 

Smart Line TL LB 9513 Tube Luminometer

Smart Line TL
LB 9513 Tube Luminometer, one automatic reagent injector

Smart Line TL
LB 9513 Tube Luminometer, two automatic reagent injectors

Master System with chip card reader/writer, incl. PC software 

Chip cards 2 kbit, 20 pieces

Chip cards 2 kbit, 100 pieces

QC Luminescence Test tube