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Sirius L LB 9525

Tube Luminometer

Sirius L is a compact and supersensitive tube luminometer. Light collection is maximized through both the proximity of the sample to the detector and the use of optimized light reflectors surrounding the sample vial. The instrument is upgradeable with up to two injectors, making it perfect for flash assays.

The instrument is compatible with a variety of sample formats: from standard 12 mm luminescence tubes to microcentrifuge tubes, scintillation vials, or even 35 mm Petri dishes.


  • Detects less than 0.5 zmol of firefly luciferase
  • Detects less than 1 amol ATP



Safe and easy

  • Easy set-up: USB/Plug & Play 
  • Safe operation with sample presence detection 
  • Quickstart feature


  • Various sample formats (tubes, microfuge tubes, cell culture dishes) 
  • Flash or Glow: up to two reagent injectors
  • Injection with 12mm tubes and microfuge tubes 
  • Dedicated luminescence software functions (single, dual, kinetics, cut-off)
Tube Luminometer Sirius L Overview

Sirius L Overview

Sirius L LB 9525 Tube Luminometer, PC controlled 

Sirius L
LB 9525 Tube Luminometer, one reagent injector, PC controlled 

Sirius L
LB 9525 Tube Luminometer, two injectors, PC controlled 

Sirius L
LB 9525 licence for PC software, Microsoft Windows, incl. all protocols 

QC Luminescence Test tube

IQ/OQ/PQ Qualification Package 

Sirius L injection sample holder/reflector for microfuge vials 

5 ml vials, 75x12 mm, 3000 pieces