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Tube Luminometer Lumat³ LB 9508
Tube Luminometer Lumat³ LB 9508
Tube Luminometer Lumat³ LB 9508 detail
Tube Luminometer Lumat³ LB 9508
Tube Luminometer Lumat³ LB 9508 injectors
Tube Luminometers

Lumat³ LB 9508

Tube Luminometer

The Tube Luminometer Lumat³ LB 9508 is a 3rd generation instrument with outstanding sensitivity that can be equipped with to 2 high-performance injectors. The tube luminometer Lumat³ has all the key features needed for today's research applications.

Already in its 3rd generation the Lumat³ offers the functionality, versatility and superior performance you can expect from an instrument developed by Berthold Technologies.

Based on the experience of developing and building luminometers for more than 30 years the Lumat³ is a tube luminometer with state-of-the-art technology.


  • Less than 1 amol ATP per vial
  • Less than 0.5 zmol Firefly luciferase per vial
  • True photon counting technology, low noise photomultipliers and optimised optical design


Unique Sample Loading – the Turret

  • Enables rotating sample transport
  • Load a second sample while the first one is being measured
  • Throughput approaching those of an automatic instrument
  • Superior light collection efficiency


Large Dynamic Range

  • Able to count up to 25 Mio pulses per second
  • Equivalent to a dynamic range of 7 orders of magnitude


Sample flexibility

  • All types of 12 mm Lumi vials
  • Eppendorf tubes in 1 mL to 2 mL sizes



Built-in Reagent Injectors

  • Can be equipped with either no or 2 reagent injectors with variable volume 
  • Choice between a 100 µL and a 300 µL size injector
  • JET injection technology: superior accuracy, precision and mixing performance
  • Enable even injection of live cells


Precision & Accuracy

  • Unrivalled repeatability of measurements
  • Time-consuming daily calibration is unnecessary


ICE Software

  • Ratio calculation 
  • Kinetics functionality 
  • Point-to-point curve fitting
  • Wizard-driven and clearly structured



Lumat³ LB 9508 incl. ICE Research

Lumat³ Reporter Gene, 2 injectors (100 µL) incl. ICE Research

Lumat³ Reporter Gene, 2 injectors (300 µL) incl. ICE Research

Lumat³ XS, 2 injectors (100 µL) incl. ICE Research

 ICE software, Immunoassay version

Neutral-density filter OD 3.0 for increase of measuring range by three orders of magnitude

Adapter for 75 mm tube, cpl.

Adapter for microfuge tubes, cpl.

LB 9517 luminescence test tube for QC of Lumat³ luminometers. Incl. storage box and charging device with external power supply.