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Tube Luminometers

State-of-the-art tube luminometers “Made in Germany” by Berthold Technologies guarantee high quality measurements in a wide range of glow and flash luminescent applications. Our luminometers are characterized by an outstanding sensitivity combined with unmatched flexibility in configuration and sample formats, to offer the ideal choice for every application.

Stand-alone luminometers with excellent and easy-to-use protocols on board, as well as models driven by powerful Windows PC software allow the operation of different kinds of protocols including Kinetics and Dual Assay. 
Validation tools complete the luminometer portfolio to ensure that the instruments meet the highest quality requirements.

Lumat³ LB 9508 Tube Luminometer

Sirius II LB 9526 Tube Luminometer

Junior LB 9509 Portable Tube Luminometer

Sirius L LB 9525 Tube Luminometer

Tube luminometers can measure several types of tubes and other sample formats: standard luminescence tubes (75 x 12 mm or 55 x 12 mm) and microcentrifuge tubes are the most common formats, but some luminometers can also measure scintillation vials or even 35 mm petri dishes. Some tube types may need special adapters for injection.

Tube luminometers, compared to microplate luminometers, are cheaper and offer better sensitivity and reliability, but with a lower throughput and flexibility.

The range of methods is broad and so is our range of tube luminometers. From small and light portable tube luminometers to high-performance laboratory luminometers driven by powerful Windows software for demanding applications, we have the instrument you need.

Tube luminometers are the instrument of choice for laboratories with reduced throughput or budget. If you are interested on luminescence in microplate format, have a look to our microplate luminometers and multimode microplate readers.