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Kinase Assays

Kinase assays in the Time-Resolved Fluorescence format have been proven to be a very robust and reliable technology used for Kinase work. A biotinylated substrate for Serin, Threonin or Tyrosin Kinases is phosphorylated by the respective Kinase enabling aspecific antibody to bind. The Europium label of the antibody can be excited upon which an energy transfer to a Streptavidin-Acceptor conjugate occurs enabling the measurement of the Acceptor specific emission.

As well assay technologies are available with luminescent readout through the release of Luciferin which acts as the substrate for the subsequent light generating Luciferase reaction.

Kinases are modifying the activity of specific proteins and are extensively used to transmit signals and control complex processes in cells. Their enormous diversity and their role in signal transduction make them attractive targets for research and drug design.



Suitable Instruments for Kinase Assays