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LBIS Immunoassay Software
LBIS Immunoassay Software
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Immunoassay Software

The LBIS Immunoassay Software supports a wide variety of applications, such as competitive (RIA) and immunometric (IRMA) assays with superior curve fitting algorithms for reliable results, even at low concentrations.

The intuitive graphical user interface delivers straightforward instrument control and makes it easy to get started and get going. Convenient import/export functionality enables to upload patient information and to download result.

Up to 4 instruments connected to a single computer can be run with one LBIS software.



RIA and IRMA immunoassays

  • Thyroid hormones, e.g. T3, T4, TSH
  • Drug abuse screening
  • Allergy testing (RAST)
  • and many more…


Infectious diseases

  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative methods (Cutoff)


Receptor binding

  • Measurement of receptor binding proteins using Scatchard and Woolf plots

Intuitive graphical user interface

  • Easy setup & instrument control.


Multiple Instrument Control

  • Run, service and control up to 4 instruments from a single computer.


Pre-programmed metods for various applications

  • Easy access to key methods (RAST, RIA, FTI, Renin…).



Performance check and instrument QC

  • Ready-to-use method to check and validate an instrument before running an assay.
  • Powerful quality control system to determine if the run results are acceptable according to your QC standards.

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