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High Activity Radio Flow Monitor HERM LB 500
High Activity Radio Flow Monitor HERM LB 500
High Activity Radio Flow Monitor HERM LB 500 detail
High Activity Radio Flow Monitor HERM LB 500 NaI Detector
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High Activity Radio Monitor

The HERM is a dedicated radio flow monitor for detecting gamma and high energy beta isotopes present in high activities e.g. in nuclear medicine or PET laboratories.

The sodium iodide crystal combined with a thick lead shielding provides a sensitive, reliable and stable measurement system. The Twin-Cell-Changer offers enough flexibility in terms of changing activities and flow rates for the flow through analysis.

Control of the HERM by the ThermoFisher Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software (hereafter referred to as "Chromeleon™") is available as an option. The driver allows digital control of the HERM via the ChromeleonTM user interface and is fully certified and digitally signed by ThermoFisher Scientific™.

Development, production and quality control of

  • Radio-Pharmaceuticals
  • PET isotope labelled tracer substances
  • Radio isotope labelled substances

Detector flexibility

  • Choose the optimal detector for each application


Dual operation mode

  • More flexibility and convenience
  • Stand-alone for easy integration into exiting HPLC systems
  • PC-driven for digital data acquisition


Advanced downstream control

  • Control downstream devices such as separation valves and fraction collectors
  • 2 different threshold level based relays
  • Time-delayed control possible


Functional design

  • No manual adjustment knobs to avoid accidental parameter modifications
  • Secured power supply



Seamless control via Chromeleon™

  • Full instrument control via the Chromeleon™user interface 
  • Fully certified and digitally signed by ThermoFisher Scientific™


Simple integration

  • By using the analog 0-1V output the HERM can be integrated into every HPLC system



  •  Intuitive and easy to use


Sensitive but insensitive

  • Low detection limits
  • Low backgrounds even with high external radiation



HERM LB 500 with NaI detector

Conversion kit for single position cell holder

For measuring cells and accessories please contact us.

RadioStar full version

ChromeleonTM driver (requires Class 3 license)