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HPLC Radio Detector FlowStar² LB 514
HPLC Radio Detector FlowStar² LB 514
HPLC Radio Detector FlowStar² LB 514 complete system
HPLC Radio Detector FlowStar² LB 514 is user-friendly
HPLC Radio Detector FlowStar² LB 514 touchscreen
Radio Isotope Detectors

FlowStar² LB 514

Radio Flow Detector for HPLC

In the HPLC Radio Detector FlowStar² LB 514 ultimate sensitivity has been combined with touch-screen technology for quick and easy operation. Designed for maximum ease of use, safety and flexibility the FlowStar² LB 514 sets the new standard for what a radio-HPLC flow detector should be.

With over 50 years of experience Berthold Technologies is taking radio-HPLC flow detection to the next level. A wide range of available cells ensures optimal performance and supports full compatibility with both, routine and challenging applications. The convenient dual mode capability enables simple installation in different configurations and makes integration into existing systems easy.

  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Development and QC of Radiochemicals
  • QC of radiolabeled antibodies and proteins
  • UHPLC (Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

Dual operation

  • With analog output and digital data transfer



  • On-board system performance tests with history function
  • Password-based multi user access control



  • Built-in leak detection
  • Automatic HV shutdown for system safety


  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Smart cells (automatic setting of the correct cell-specific system parameters)
  • Predefined run parameters


Seamless control via Chromeleon™

  • Full instrument control via the Chromeleon™user interface
  • Fully certified and digitally signed by ThermoFisher Scientific™

FlowStar² Detector LB514

Waste valve, cpl.

RadioStar software for LB514

RadioStar software process version (evaluation only)

Chromeleon™ driver (Class 3 Chromeleon™ software is required).

For measuring cells and accessories please contact us.

Scintillator pump LB5037

Static mixer (housing only – one cartridge required)

Cartridge 50 μL for static mixer

Cartridge 150 μL for static mixer