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Junior LB 9509 Portable Tube Luminometer

Multi Crystal LB 2111 Gamma Counter

LBIS Immunoassay Software

FlowStar² LB 514 Radio Flow Detector for HPLC

HERM LB 500 with NaI detector

HERM LB 500 with fLumo detector

NightOWL II LB 983 in vivo Imaging System

NightShade LB 985 In vivo Plant Imaging System

Centro XS³ LB 960 Microplate Luminometer

Centro LB 960 Microplate Luminometer

CentroPRO LB 962 Budget Microplate Luminometer

Apollo 11 LB 913 ELISA Absorbance Reader

Lumat³ LB 9508 Tube Luminometer

Mithras² LB 943 Monochromator and Filter Modular Multimode Reader

Mithras LB 940 Multimode Microplate Reader

TriStar² LB 942 Modular Multimode Reader

TriStar² S LB 942 Modular Multimode Reader with Monochromator

Sirius II LB 9526 Tube Luminometer

Sirius L LB 9525 Tube Luminometer

Smart Line LB 9513 Tube Luminometer

Orion II LB 965 Microplate Lumimometer

Crocodile LB 925 5-in-one

Crocodile LB 925 4-in-one

Colibri LB 915 Microvolume Spectrometer

Zoom LB 921 Microplate Washer

Zoom HT LB 920 Microplate Washer

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