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Modular Multimode Reader TriStar² LB 942
Modular Multimode Reader TriStar² LB 942
Multimode microplate reader TriStar², emission and BRET filters
Multimode microplate reader TriStar² reagent injector detail
The multimode microplate reader TriStar² LB 942 is user-friendly
Microplate Readers

TriStar² LB 942

Modular Multimode Microplate Reader

The TriStar² is a modular multi-technology microplate reader offering fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance measurements, and up to 3 reagent injectors.

With TriStar² the multi-technology microplate reader platform has developed into its second generation setting new standards in modularity, performance and user-friendliness.

The TriStar² has been developed to support a fully modular approach. Any combination of reading technologies and options can be composed maintaining all possibilities of later upgrades.

The optical system ONE-4-ALL with a new revolutionary design is the first time a single optical system has been employed in a multi-technology reader that matches the performance of individual dedicated optical devices.

Built-in Reagent Injectors

  • Up to 3 reagent injectors
  • Superior accuracy and precision (JET Injection technology)
  • Excellent mixing performance
  • Variable injections speeds and "friendly" material enable even injection of live cells
  • Reagent bottles can be kept in ice or at elevated temperatures – just as required


Top and Bottom Reading

Temperature Control

  • A temperature controlled microplate compartment ensures stable conditions whenever temperature sensitive enzymes or cells are in use
  • Reagent bottles can be kept in ice or at elevated temperatures


Front Access of Reagents

  • The reagent reservoirs can be placed on the front for easy access and monitoring



  • In the TriStar² S any of reading technologies can be combined with each other and any of the options added

TriStar² base unit incl. ICE software

TriStar² Absorbance module (VIS)

TriStar² Fluorescence module (VIS)

TriStar² Luminescence module

Temperature Control

Cooled PMT detector

Gas connection

Please contact us for additional configurations and accessories.

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TriStar² LB 942 Multimode Microplate Reader

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