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Crocodile Assay MiniWorkstation opened
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Crocodile LB 925 4-in-one

Assay miniWorkstation

Crocodile assay workstation is the ideal instrument to automate microplate assays where dispense, wash, shake and incubate steps are needed. It is easy to install and easy to use, and avoids the complications of larger automation.

The four functions are provided at a footprint of only one instrument thus saving valuable bench space. The use of the Crocodile assay miniWorkstation improves assay reliability and reduces assay time by eliminating the need to move plates between different instruments.

The Crocodile Control Software allows flexible combination of all required steps. The instrument is easy to operate, extremely reliable and requires only minimal routine maintenance.


• LIA/CLIA (Luminescence ImmunoAssay)

• FIA (Fluorescence ImmunoAssay)

• DNA Array/Microarray

• Antigen/Protein Array

• Multiplex Bead Assays

Multi-function processor

  • Integrates 4 functions: dispenser, washer, incubator and shaker.
  • Total flexibility to use all functions: all of them together to perform a complex immunoassay, only a single function (e.g. to be used as washer or dispenser only), or anything in between.


Easy maintenance and service

  • Daily maintenance involves only flushing the system.
  • Pump drawer can be replaced in a matter of minutes.


Compact workstation

  • Only 26,5 cm wide.
  • Around 40 cm wide including all reagent bottles: no more than a typical ELISA reader.


Unattended operation

  • Designed for walkaway automation.
  • Just insert the plate with standards and samples, start the protocol and leave the work to Crocodile.


Easy hardware set-up 

  • All functions are included in a compact box.
  • Tubing for wash and waste are preinstalled.
  • Just connect power, computer and attach the reagent bottles, and you are all set for analysis.


Open system 

  • It adapts to any 96-well assay.
  • Not bound to a given reagent manufacturer.

Crocodile miniWorkstation LB 925 4-in-one for automated processing of microplate assays  

Additional Crocodile Control Software license

IQ/OQ/PQ qualification package for Crocodile miniWorkstation