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CentroPRO LB 962 affordable microplate luminometer
CentroPRO LB 962 affordable microplate luminometer
CentroPRO LB 962 budget luminometer
CentroPRO LB 962 economic luminometer
CentroPRO LB 962 cheap microplate luminometer
Microplate Readers

CentroPRO LB 962

Budget Microplate Luminometer

The microplate luminometer CentroPRO LB 962 is a compact and affordable instrument suitable for methods based on glow-type luminescence. Omitting superfluous options, the CentroPRO is a budget-friendly option that concentrates on the features that matter the most: sensitivity and reliability.

The CentroPRO LB 962 is universally applicable for research and routine. It comprises all basic features required for the measurement of glow-type luminescence applications like reporter genes, ATP determination or cell viability.

  • Glow-type Luminescence
  • Bio-Luminescence
  • Chemi-Luminescence

Berthold Technologies' instruments are known for their quality and longevity providing a working life of decades. This is a feature gaining importance with today's limited budgets and environmental

Small Footprint

  • Requires minimum bench space
  • One of the smallest microplate luminometers in the market!



  • Avoides superfluous options
  • Pay only for what you need!

Stability and Reliability

  • True photon counting
  • Precise mechanics
  • Measured values are trustable and reliable over the entire lifetime of the instrument


ICE Software

  • Intuitive and wizard-driven
  • Straightforward creation and execution of protocols

CentroPRO LB 962 microplate luminometer incl. ICE Research software

ICE Research to Advanced software upgrade