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Centro LB 960 microplate luminometer
Centro LB 960 microplate luminometer
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Centro LB 960 Microplate Luminometer injectors
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Centro LB 960

Microplate Luminometer

The Microplate Luminometer Centro LB 960 is a sensitive, robust and versatile instrument for both Glow and Flash luminescence assays that can be equipped with up to 3 high-performance injectors. Dispensing can even be performed during a kinetic measurement.

The Centro LB 960 meets all currently known requirements for an all-purpose microplate luminometer. The reader supports all basic luminescence technologies including

The selected detector and the proprietary design of the optical system guarantee lowest background and negligible crosstalk.

If you need the best sensitivity and do not need temperature control or simultaneous measurement and dispensing, the Centro XS³ is the luminometer of choice.

Built-in Reagent Injectors

  • Up to 3 reagent injectors
  • Superior accuracy and precision (JET Injection technology)
  • Excellent mixing performance
  • Variable injections speeds and "friendly" material enable even injection of live cells
  • Reagent bottles can be kept in ice or at elevated temperatures


Waste Pump

  • Excess fluids from priming and washing procedures are safely discarded via an automatic waste pump

Temperature Control

  • A temperature controlled incubation area ensures stable conditions for the microplate
  • Condensation of lidded microplates is reduced.


Small footprint

  • Requires minimum space
  • Reagent injectors housed within housing
  • Short injector tubing and low dead volume

Standard Centro Configurations and options

LB 960 Centro Basic, 96-well, upgradeable, incl. MikroWin Lite software

LB 960 Centro Research, 96-well, 2 reagent injectors, waste pump, incl. MikroWin Lite software

LB 960 Centro HTS, 96 & 384 well, 3 reagent injectors, waste pump, robot integration module, incl. MikroWin Adv. II

LB 960 Centro Phago, 96-well, 3 reagent injectors, waste pump, temperature control, incl. MikroWin Lite software

MikroWin 2010 Lite upgrade to Advanced

Compare microplate reader software. 

Options for Centro

Injector 1 pre-position 2, 10 - 100 μL

Injector 2 pre-position 1, 10 - 100 μL

Injector 3 meas. position, 10 - 100 μL

384 well upgrade

Temperature control 96 well version

Temperature control 96/384 well version

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Centro LB 960 Microplate Luminometer

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