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Label-Free Microarray System bScreen LB 991
Label-Free Microarray System bScreen LB 991
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Label-free Interaction Analysers

bScreen LB 991

Label-Free Microarray System

The bScreen LB 991 Label-Free Microarray System combines the worlds of kinetic analysis and high-throughput microarray screening.

The customisable array format enables outstanding flexibility. Observe the complete binding process on each spot of your µ-array in parallel. Generate kinetic binding curves from a single spot to high density arrays with up to 22,500 interaction sites per run and produce more than 110,000 binding curves in an 8-hour work shift.


The bScreen system automates flow through incubation, dissociation, data acquisition and regeneration. Integrated powerful micro-fluidics guarantee high reproducibility of your measurements, even with complex liquid samples like e.g. whole-blood. The micro-fluidic system is capable of injecting almost all kinds of liquid samples, ranging from low MW drug candidates up to high MW molecules including DNA, RNA, polysaccharides, lipids, cells, viruses and nanoparticles, all in various matrices, e.g. DMSO-containing buffers, urine, plasma, serum, whole blood.


The system accepts array-chips in the standard microarray format of 25 mm x 75 mm. The array-chips are fully compatible to every conventional microarray spotter working in contact or non-contact printing mode. The array-chips are available with various biopolymer-coatings and surface functionalisations.


The intuitive software package consists of 2 parts – one for operating the device and the other for evaluating the obtained results/data.

Protein/protein interactions

  • Quantitative
  • Benefit from kinetic information
  • Free scalable to your needed throughput (1-22,500 interactions simultaneously)


Pharmaceutical screening

  • Kinetic characterisation of receptor-ligand interactions
  • Characterisation and optimisation of therapeutic antibodies
  • Inline process-control for biologics
  • Lead optimisation


Cell based assays

  • Monitor whole cells (no evanescent field)
  • Variable assay temperature possible
  • Glass type substrates with suitable biopolymers


Clinical applications

  • Various sample materials (blood, saliva…)
  • Flexible assay types (direct, sandwich, binding-inhibition, competitive and replacement assays)


Consumer safety

  • Cost effective, easy and time-efficient control of biological and biochemical production processes to ensure product quality



Scales to your Reseach

  • 1 to 22,500 binding curves per run
  • More than 110,000 interactions in an 8-hour work shift
  • Access to a wide variety of sample types (proteins/peptides, complex matrices, whole cells, viruses…)


Economical Workflow

  • Eliminates pre-screening
  • Simultaneous measurements of all spots: no increase in time & costs when used for high-throughput
  • Low cost glass-type arrays

Results you can trust

  • Label-free: no unspecific interaction of label with the surface and the analyte
  • No interference of the label with the binding behaviour
  • No washing steps required that could affect negatively low affinity binder detection

bScreen LB 991 Label-Free Microarray System