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In vivo imaging system NightOWL LB 983
In vivo imaging system NightOWL LB 983
In vivo imaging system NightOWL LB 983 user
In vivo imaging system NightOWL LB 983 anaesthesia unit
In vivo imaging system NightOWL LB 983 flange with ports
In Vivo Imaging Systems

NightOWL II LB 983

In Vivo Imaging System

The NightOwl LB 983 In Vivo Imaging System provides a modular, easy to use optical imaging system, delivering high sensitivity and resolution. With various light-sources and light-tight ports to insert cables, fibre optics or manipulators, it offers you the flexibility you need for any in vivo imaging application.

Supported by easy-to-use software to help you optimize your productivity and co-optimized accessories the NightOwl system represents a platform to perform almost any in vivo imaging application using luminescence or fluorescence.

Multilabel analysis of:

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Blot- and gel-documentation
  • Cell cultures



  • Fluorescence molecular tomography
  • Monitoring of tumor growth and metastatic progression
  • Response to treatment strategies to accelerate the transition to human medical use


Disease monitoring

  • In vivo monitoring of infectious diseases, parasites and disease progression
  • Viral infection and evaluation of virus vaccines  


Regulation of gene expression

  • In vivo analysis of cellular and molecular processes
  • Monitoring of endogenous gene expression and visualizing transgene delivery and expression in vivo
  • Analysis of gene transfer efficacy


Evaluating protein stability and interaction

  • Assessment of biological processes at the level of protein function and interaction
  • In vivo visualization of drug efficacy

Low background, high resolution

  • Cooled back-illuminated slow scan CCD camera.
  • High quantum efficiency over the entire visible to near-infrared spectrum
  • 13.3 x 13.3 mm square with 1024 x 1024 pixels, 13 micron in width, for high imaging resolution



Easy to use software for advanced imaging

  • IndiGO™ software for complete instrument control, image acqquisition and analysis
  • Orthogonal 3D option to generate information-rich images
  • Multimodal imaging to monitor and compare multiple biomarkers or pathways related to a biological question

Modular system tailored to your workflow

  • Large, sophisticated light-tight sample cabinet
  • Various light-sources for different applications
  • Light-tight ports to insert cables, fibre optics or manipulators
  • Heating tables to maintain optimum body temperature
  • Transilluminators
  • Gas anesthesia unit
  • Animal isolation chambers for 1 or 5 rodents

NightOWL II LB 983 NC 100 complete incl. software

For accessories and filters please check the accessories brochure.