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In vivo Imaging Systems

With over 20 years of experience Berthold Technologies is one of the pioneers of in vivo imaging. Our first system, the Luminograph enabled scientists to detect low light  emission in organisms, opening up the opportunity of monitoring reporter genes in animals and plants in a non-invasive way. This new and exciting technology changed medical research by providing the option to work under physiological conditions in a living animal. Today, it is possible to perform non-invasive in vivo imaging of specific molecular and cellular mechanisms.

Multiple molecular events can be monitored simultaneously, for example to visualize drug effects, to optimize drug and gene therapy, to monitor tumor growth or to study disease progression in both, living animals and plants. By providing insights into transcription–translation feedback loops, which are entrained by environmental signals such as light or temperature, even circadian clocks in plants can be monitored.

Learn more on how to gain real insights with our in vivo imaging systems by translating your in vitro data into clinical applications, and by marrying cell biology with physiology.

NightOWL II LB 983 In vivo imaging system

NightShade LB 985 In vivo Plant Imaging System