reagent injection systems, Cleanit is the ideal agent.">
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Injector Cleaning Solution
Injector Cleaning Solution

Injector Cleaning Solution

For proper maintenance of the reagent injection systems, Cleanit is the ideal agent.

Daily cleaning ensures that accuracy and precision as well as a long life-time of the injectors will be maintained.

Besides Berthold Technologies instruments and their JET injection system, all syringe-type systems of other instruments can be cleaned efficiently.

Cleanit Daily solution comes as a red coloured concentrate  in a 250 mL PE bottle. Simply add deionized water and you are ready to go.

Bactericide and fungicide effect

  • Mildly oxidizing agents destroy organic contaminants


Intense cleaning effect

  • All surfaces will be gently cleaned without being corroded

Re-solution of preciptitates

  • The mildly acidic nature of Cleanit re-solubilizes any precipitates and carries away any residual reagents.

Cleanit Daily for daily use (concentrate for preparation of 2x 250 mL working solution)