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Adhesive Foils
Adhesive Foils

Adhesive Foils

Berthold Technologies offers adhesive foils which can be placed on the clear bottom to reduce the crosstalk and reflection.

Cell based assays are usually done in clear bottom microplates which gives the opportunity to check cell viability by microscopy.

Normally the crosstalk between wells in clear bottom plates is higher as in standard solid plates.

  • Reducing the crosstalk and reflection on assays with microplates with clear bottom
  • Both white and black adhesive foils are available
  • Made of Vinyl with a size of 115x75mm
  • Suitable for all standard microplates with clear bottom

Adhesive foil white, for white clear bottom microplates, luminescence measurements, 50 pieces

Adhesive foil black, for black clear bottom microplates, fluorescence measurements, 50 pieces