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Emission Filters
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Optical Filters

Filters with high transmission characteristics to ensure the best sensitivity.

BRET and other colour luminescence applications are only possible with an extremely efficient optical system, together with appropriate filters, as used in the Mithras or TriStar microplate readers. Especially when little emission light is present, as in fluorescence polarization (FP) and time-resolved fluorescence measurements, the readings can be performed with higher sensitivity and better reproducibility using appropriate filters.

  • Fluorescence applications including Fluorescence Polarisation (FP)
  • Absorbance (optical density) measurements
  • Luminescence applications, e.g. colour luciferases (Chroma-Glo™)
  • Selected filter sets for BRET & FRET applications
  • Selected filters for AlphaScreen®, HTRF® or Time-resolved Fluorescence (TRF)

Filter sets for the best sensitivity

  • High quality filters with selected transmission and bandwidth specifications for the respective applications
  • Customized filters or filter sets are available on request
  • The best combination of excitation and emission filters can be given by our product specialists or sales representatives

Please check the Filter Data Sheet and RFID Filter Data Sheet for additional information.